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We expect our audience to be in the region of Singapore and our goal is to bring people from the local community together to give them inspiration about what our non-profit organization is about and what it is hoping to achieve with such program objectives. However, it is to be comprehended that the main objective of organising such events are to reach out to a multilevel audience from all walks of life which apparently shall be about the obscurities that one may have regarding various issues in daily life. May it be medical, financial, technological, career related, and so on; our aim is to draw together the local community irrespective of caste, creed, or nationality on to a common platform and interchange views and perspectives so that such problems and issues could presumably be resolved. This kind of events not only benefits the audience but also the speaker as well. The speaker will have an ideal chance to put forth his viewpoints through a well-defined speech which heightens his poise and gives him a sense of complacency too and in certain cases it also can turn out to become a financial resource as well depending on the speaker’s oratory capabilities, qualifications, and command over the subject. So totally these events will definitely play a dual role benefitting the speaker as well as the audience which is the ultimate goal. Talks will be filmed and presented on our website and other social media channels with suitable permissions, so as to be beneficial to everyone in the community who value the event. In case you reside out of Singapore and wish to travel, we would be delighted to assist you in your travel, provision of an assistant from our team and your arrangements to airport transfers an so on can be discussed as well.

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