Your Precious Eyes


Dr Ajeet Madhav Wagle is Medical Director and Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at International Eye Cataract Retina Centre at Farrer Park Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. Dr Ajeet specializes in the management of retinal diseases such as diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinal vascular occlusions. He has vast surgical experience in modern micro-incision cataract surgery, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery and complex retinal surgery. With a keen interest in research, Dr Ajeet has published many papers in peer-reviewed local and international scientific journals and has a book and two book chapters to his credit. He has been conferred many awards, including Best Outgoing Student (Gold Medal) by the Medical Research Foundation (India), and the Health Services Excellence (Silver) Award at Alexandra Hospital, National Healthcare Group, Singapore